About Us

Berry Bluff is a U-pick strawberry farm located just North of Cresco, in Winneshiek County.  At the farm, they care for 3 acres of strawberries, 100 blueberry bushes and several raspberry plants.  Berries at the farm are pick your own!  We will have a few pre-picked strawberries on hand at the farm, but also check out local businesses who carry our fresh berries!

Plantpeddler, Cresco
Pinter’s Gardens, Hwy 9, Decorah
Blossom Hill, Preston

If we are ever picked-out for the day, we will send out an email to our email subscribers and post on FaceBook.

Owners, Kris and Laura McGee, are working hard to bring fresh local berries to the community.  The McGee’s are both locally grown themselves; Kris from Cresco, and Laura from Ridgeway.  They want to share their love of the land and fresh food with the community and their children, Sophia and Kellan.

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